Air Con Regas, Recharge & Repairs in Chichester

We have become reliant upon air conditioning in our cars these days but surprisingly, we forget to get them checked to ensure they are functioning as they should.
Here at Ree-Car Garage, we can help you with both recharging and any repairs at our garage in Chichester.

Does my car need recharging?

Car manufacturers recommend that a/c is recharged every 2 years but as it's not checked as part of your annual MOT and A/C re-gassing is not included usually as part of a service.

If your A/C is only producing warm air or only gets slightly cold, it may be due to the vehicle being low on its refrigerant and in need of a recharge. Other signs of you’re A/C being in need of some attention are unpleasant smells from the air vents or unable to quickly demist your windscreen in the winter months.

Which A/C gas do I need?

Generally, vehicles manufactured before 2014 were built using R134A gas. From 1st January 2017, all manufacturers had to move across to a new gas, R1234YF, a more environmentally friendly gas in a bid to reduce global warming.

Vehicles built between 2014 and 2016 could have been built using either of the refrigerant gasses and at Ree-Car Garage, we are equipped to cope with either of the refrigerants.

What if my A/C is not working for another reason?

As part of the A/C recharging process, we inject dye into your vehicle's system which can be detected through ultra-violet light for easier identification when looking for leaks. Don’t worry, as part of our complete service, we can replace failed components from rubber seals to condensers to compressors.

How much does an Air-Con recharge cost?

The price for vehicles using the R134A gas starts at £60 inc VAT and for those vehicles that use the newer R1234YF gas, prices start at £120 inc VAT.

Sometimes we may also recommend that a replacement pollen filter be fitted, or the cabin has a sanitiser applied to remove any bacteria or unpleasant odours. Please ask for details.

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