Save money with a wheel alignment check

Save money with a wheel alignment check

18 Feb 2019

Make tracks to Ree-Car Garage for a wheel alignment check and enjoy the benefits of safer driving together with savings on tyre expenditure.

Together with everyday motoring, incidents such as hitting a pothole, striking a kerb or going over speed bumps can result in the wheels on your car becoming misaligned. This might have happened if your vehicle feels as though it is pulling to one side.

If your wheel alignment has been knocked out, it could affect the car’s handling as well as its stability when taking evasive or emergency action.

You can ensure that your car is driving at its most efficient by utilising the wheel alignment technology that is available at Ree-Car Garage. It measures and adjusts the position of the tyre to the manufacturer’s specification to make sure that they are all perpendicular to the ground and travelling parallel to each other.

The top 3 reasons why your car should be having regular wheel alignments:

  • Better vehicle handling and performance
  • Improved vehicle safety
  • Your car will have better fuel mileage